[SELLING] Custom Diamond Swords!

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  1. Have you ever needed a very specific diamond sword, but do not have the means to obtain it? Well now all you have to do is ask Marklea*! I will personally craft any sword you would like with any enchantment. All you have to do is PM me the specifications of the sword! My prices are fair and never to expensive. My res is 18010 on SMP9, were I will soon be opening a Enchantment Shop. I will soon offer this service for picks, axes, shovels and armor.

    *- all you have to do is ask AND pay Marklea
  2. can u do just loothing 2? lol
  3. Can i get one with just a looting 3?
  4. How much would a looting sword be?
  5. Looting 3*
  6. Yes to both,but the only loot 3 I have right now has sharpness 3 as well
    Around 2k, we can negotiate a price :)
  7. 1.9k and a hug? :D (no homo)
  8. well i need loothing 2 btw or loothing 1, loothing 3 seems to never work on wither skellys.
  9. sure, come to my res
    I can get you a loot 2