[Selling] Creepy Books

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  1. Do you enjoy reading books that make you paranoid that there is something out there to get you?
    If so, you should come check out this great offer!
    I am currently selling 3 of each story. Once all 3 books have been bought, it will be replaced with 3 books of a different story.
    There are 8 different stories at a time to purchase. Prices are determined by how many pages are written (maximum of 900r).
    Currently in stock:
    Title | Pages | Price
    Shadows | 46 Pages | 900r
    Rap Rat | 39 Pages | 900r
    Ickbarr Bigelsteine | 34 Pages | 900r
    Silence| 39 Pages | 900r
    Disney's Haunted Mansion | 13 Pages | 550r
    Lightning| 11 Pages | 550r
    Takakonuma Greenland Park| 10 Pages | 500r
    Old News | 10 Pages | 500r

    How to get there:
    Go to the residence of 14751 on smp7 (Delivery to other smps for 20r)
    Look for the teleporter to the right of where you spawn in that says "Library"
    4 books are sold on the bottom level, and 4 books on the top level.

    WARNING: If you are faint hearted, or are scared, disturbed, or puke easily, do not read these books. Some books may contain creepy/weird stuff.
    It is also recommended that you read these books while in a dark room at night.
    If you have any recommendations, please leave a reply.
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  2. Include the story of jeff the killer as one of the books.
    And, first. :)
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  3. Make a book about Slendy :3
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  4. I just bought Disney's Haunted Mansion, Shadows, and Salvation :)
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  5. I actually tried doing a JTK book, but it's more than 50 pages, I might make a series later.
    Will probably do after one of the books sell out.
  6. You need one on the rake.
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  7. I can't beleive i'm saying this...
    Try one on MLP, if you want a story that is a good read and a stepping stone to start writing, PM me and i'll give you the story name and link :p
    Hope that made sense c:
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  8. Speaking as someone with a bookstore of their own, I'd suggest two things:
    -Keep a master copy and use Bookz to reproduce them (if you aren't already). That way "selling out" won't be an issue, and you'll be able to stock a wider array of books.
    -Your prices are a bit excessive. Yes there are people who value books at 1000r, or even more, but as a point of reference my most expensive tales (the "Nucleus" series) are in the 40-50pg range and only half what you're charging.
    Even if you're basing your prices on pagecount, I'd suggest a consistent 10-15r / pg as a more reasonable solution. 750r for a 10-page book is very steep.
    Creepy tales aren't my thing but I heartily applaud you for selling your literature :)
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  9. Shadows sounds amazing... shame I can't get on right now :(
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  10. Reduced prices a bit, and I am now selling a new book called Silence, which is a slenderman book.
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  11. Can u reserve a copy of shadows for me, not at MY computer atm, will be in a few hours doe.
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  12. "Old News" is what I will recommend, it isn't scary but it is hilarious! lol.
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