[SELLING] Creative Menu Generic Player Heads

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  1. I feel like these are uncommon/rare, and am selling them. If they are normal or a bug, feel free to correct me. Price is negotiable.
  2. Do You Have 1.7.9 Client? Because Anything Be4 1.7.9 Will Show Normal Heads
  3. No. However, other heads are still working and these heads have the simple tooltip "Head".
  4. I went into the 1.7.9 client. The heads regained their tooltip, but when they were placed remained Steve. (cadgamer202's head)
  5. Relog And/or Break And Replace Heads
  6. It's purely client, nothing special about them.
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  7. Wait, so how do we fix it? My base is full of Steves. ..
  8. What causes the client to rename the tooltip to the defaul "Head"?
    I can understand the client turning to Steve, since it's the default skin and it needs to pull custom player skins from the database in order to display properly, but the name of the item is purely server based, isn't it?
  9. I just tested it, all the client. Weird that it renames it.