[Selling] Couple of Promos

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  1. Selling:
    1x Super Dragon Poop for 28k
    1x 2013 New Year firework for 20k?
    1x Magical Eggcellent Wand for 8k
    1x Holiday Pick for 30k?
    1x Maxarian Heads for 9k
    30x Dragon Stone Fragments for 3k each
    9x Dragon Stones for 27k each

    Post below what you want and the total. Once payment is received access sign will be set up at 1577 on smp1. :p
  2. I'll buy both the wands.
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  3. Kk send payment and I'll set up an access sign at 1577
  4. I will take the super dragon poop if you are on now
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  5. Bump still got the firework.
  6. Bump added Holiday pick
  7. 20 minute early bump cuz i live life on the edge. :cool:

    Also added 13 max heads
  8. You have to wait the full 3 hours to bump a thread. This is an illegal bump and you shall be punished!
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  9. Actually it's 6 hours for Market Place threads
  10. Looks like i have to face the fierce paw of deathconn then..

    Lord have mercy on my soul
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  11. Is it really? Why not have the same time for each type of thread?
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  12. I'll buy the holiday pick for 30k please :)
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  13. Pick up will be at 1577 or mailed to you for 50r :p
  14. I'll buy One Eggcellent Wand
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  15. Bump updated stock and prices.
  16. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  17. I'll take a maxarian head please :) if u could mail it to me and when i recieve i will pay thanks :D
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  18. Bump
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  19. Can you save a Max head for me please? I'll have the money after an auction I am hosting, it's reached much above the price for the head yet unfortunately, it'll be at LEAST 3 days before I can get you the payment!
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