[SELLING] Corner Res Location (smp4 9856)

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  1. [SELLING] Low-Lag Corner Res Location on smp4
    res 9856

    If you are interested in this prime location, please PM me offers here on the forums.

    I paid 50k for it.

    Whomever I sell it to, needs to have one open res slot when we agree to the sell,
    then I coordinate with you the unclaim, so you can claim.

  2. LOL just for a res in the corner XD wow... thats too funny. if it was a res next to spawn then i can see 50k but no.
  3. Some people do pay for rests such as this... Also if it was a spawn res you should expect it to go for near to a million if not over.
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  4. People pay 500k+ for spawn res's...
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  5. Corner reses have less lag than any other reses, because your neighborhood is 1/4 th the size of a regular neighborhood, so less reses and entities are loaded. (it is a great spot to run a giant stone gen, trust me :))

    Also, just 3 next door neighbors, as compared to 8 normally, which reduces lag, and makes approval for road and between-res edits easier.

    And you get a cool view of the town 'wild', an unobstructed sun/moon rise.

    Lastly, it is the corner of Town, there are only 4 of theses reses per server, and I think they are cool.

    Like they say, location, location, location :).

    Plus, if you pay me a lot for the res, it will help go toward one of my future giveaways.
  6. Bump,
    Who wants a low-lag corner res ?
    PM me your offers, thanks.
  7. Probably my last bump on this, before I consider my options.
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