[SELLING]Cooked Turkey - 3000r

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  1. Hello, all! I am selling Cooked Turkeys at
    Residence 7100, SMP3,
    for just 1799r!*
    Please come down and buy, as I have
    over three stacks to sell!
    Thanks, all!
    *Price on image is outdated

    All Turkeys have been slaughtered with love, EMC. I slaughtered these
    with good, warm LOVE. That increases the taste by 8293489324% goodness. :D
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  2. Price lowered to just 3500 rupees! :D
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  3. Price lowered to 3,000 rupees. :)
  4. Your picture lies XD
  5. But I want to sell YOU MY turkeys so I can get dem moneys ;-;
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  6. Prices lowered to 1799r just now... Cheapest in the Empire!

    EDIT: Or at least it was, until somebody decided to slash their prices again. But remember, this is made with good, old-fashioned love! :p
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  7. Bump! :D
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  8. Bump! Over three stacks left for sale! :D
  9. I will bid 2000
  10. Wait 2000 for 3 stacks, or just 1?
    Either way I will still bid 2000
  11. This ain't a auction.....
  12. O. Well I feel stupid. :)
  13. Sir Bumple Bumperooni Bah-bumper McBumperton III has just arrived on the scene.
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