[SELLING] Cooked Turkey 1,500 Per!

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  1. You heard it here folks! I'm selling (so far) the Cheapest Cooked Turkeys Around! Only 1,500 rupees!

    At Res 9271 (smp4)

    Other things being sold:

    Blaze Rods: 2 for 1 rupee
    Gunpowder: 1 for 1 rupee
    NEW TURKEY SLICER: 1 for 40,000 ruppez
    Gold Ingot: 7 rupees per
  2. Bump! Stock is near 1.5 stacks for Cooked Turkey!

    Now selling Feast Papers for 17,500!
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  3. I'll buy the Feast Paper.

    How many Cooked Turkeys do you have? I'll buy them all!
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  4. If you get any more feast papers I'll buy em :D
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  5. As of this post, there are a stack + 17 Cooked Turkey left, and 1 more Feast Paper.
    As well as 14 stacks + 22 Gold Ingots, 22 blaze rods, and 37 Stacks + 23 Gunpowder
  6. are the turkeys really worth this much? Sorry i dont know that market:)
  7. This is actually the cheapest I've ever seen them. Some people sell for 4, 5, or even 6k. So this is quite cheap :)
  8. Dang guess ill have to jump in on this market :)
  9. Still 50 Cooked Turkeys Left!

    3,333 Per!
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  10. Bump! A stack + 2 Cooked Turkey in stock! Same Low Price!
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  11. Bump! 49 Cooked Turkey in stock!

    Lowest Price Around!
  12. Bump! A stack and 28 Cooked Turkeys left!

    Cooked Turkey price lowered to 1,500 Rupees! Cheapest Around!
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  13. How long did it take you to get all of these? O_O
  14. Just to back you up on this statement, I've sold many for 5k, and 16 for 10k, various for amounts inbetween that - I can't believe you lowered the price more than it already was!

    Anyhow, good luck with sales.
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  15. Are you out, I couldn't find the sign. I'll buy one if you have another :)
  16. restock your poweder and gold
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  17. nope, still got 63 Cooked Turkey in stock, and 6 Feast Papers :)
  18. Thank you, I had been spawning on top of the sugar cane farm:)
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  19. The new turkey slicers aren't any different from the old ones right?
  20. slightly different enchants and a new line of lore from what i know