Selling condos on lot 7291 SMP3.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrlegitislegit, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. I have 3 rooms up for grabs! Each room is 150R since when you buy it, you own it for ever! (Unless you move out OR you are inactive for 30 days) Each room gets a bed, chest, crafting table, and a stove. If you have something you would like added into the room, please give me the thing and I will place it. I also will sever food, 5R per thing.
  2. 3rd room is done.
  3. Sounds interesting, good luck with all this idea will prosper for you :)
  4. Thanks and also, I am adding a new feature, advanced. Advanced buyers get a double chest, a free pumpkin once a real day, and their access sign in yellow! More features coming soon!
  5. Ok meet me at my lot, SMP3 7291
  6. If i come on ill will do that :)
  7. Every chest comes with a gift!
  8. i be ther tomorow i have ot go now :p
  9. When will your tomorrow be?
  10. I am now renting them out. You can buy a condo or rent one but a rented condo does NOT come with the gift.

    150 to buy, 100 to rent.