[selling] Cobwebs and possibly silk touch shears

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  1. UPDATE: was not aware that the Empire Shop also sold cobwebs.
  2. Is possible to enchant a shear?
  3. Through combining them with enchanted books, yes.
  4. Um, not to be a wet towel, but I think the /shop sells for ~800r for a stack...
  5. But can i put enchants to any item?
  6. it sells them for 922r each stack, Yet the its true that this is over priced.

    as far as I know you are able to enchant any weapon now with books + Anvil.
  7. Correct but due to Mojang being a bit lazy with the coding and trying to push this update to be out by Christmas, you can enchant a tool with a invalid enchant that as no effects. This means that you could enchant a pick with let's say aqua affinity 1 or something like that, it's really useless and has no effects. You can also enchant let's say a rose with silk touch because you can put any item on the anvil and so therefore any item in the game can be renamed and enchanted...
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  8. Oh, I didn't know that. I thought they had put control on it :/ but thanks for the info :)
  9. No problem, control should be implemented in the next update since they have time but who knows :/
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  10. Uhm, no I don't think it works that way, from making a million books I can tell you from experience that this is not the case. Here are a few reasons you might have come to that conclusion. In creative mode, you can enchant ANYTHING with all of the books. You can also give axes offensive enchantments but I'm pretty sure this was intentional.

    This is not overpriced for being the first cobweb on the marketplace, but I was not aware of the shop at the time. I will take down this thread or drastically lower the price because of it.