[Selling] Cobblestone

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  1. I can supply you with a lot of cobblestone in bulk. 5r a stack please only order about 20 stacks at a time. Fill this out to order.

    How many stacks? (Max 20)
    Delivery or pick? (10r)
  2. Terrydaterrorist
    20 Stacks
    Pick up.
  3. i know someone who will want this, a lot a lot a lot.
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  4. take it to 5392 on utopia and sell to that sell chest. Josh really needs cobble ^.^ dooooooo it!
  5. Ordering being processed please allow up to 20 minutes for this transaction to become valid.
    Names? :p
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  6. i already told you.
  7. Well his chests are full >3
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  8. Pat2011
    20 stacks
    Depending on what server pickup is?
  9. I'm out of buisness. Only 1 order was processed.
  10. 20 stacks
    ill pick up wheres ur res?
  11. How many stacks? 270 stacks (5 double chests)
    Price: 1350r
    Delivery or pick? Pick up
  12. he said max 20 stacks :p
  13. Gap542
    20 stacks
    I'll pick it up. What's your Res Number?
  14. OOPS i didnt see u were out of business :confused:
  15. :p
  16. Even though he said Around 20 he specified MAX amount :p
  18. You put this to just make 1 order? :c You should've said selling 20 stacks instead of making all of us the illusion of getting cobblestone from ya.

    You hurt my feelings sir :(
  19. I havent filled anyones orders and since i have multiple things on 1.3 i cannot get on server to fill orders. PLease stop bashing me.
  20. Biscuitboy5396
    20 stacks
    Teleporting.... Pick up