[Selling] Coal & Redstone

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  1. Currently on SMP7 britbrit3197 and I have a single chest of coal and a single chest of redstone we would like to sell. We went through and sorted everything and just have too much and we won't use it. Would like for someone who would use them to buy them. Can get them separately or together.

  2. How much for both ?
  3. I've never sold anything, not that great with prices. >.> lol. But however much we get we plan to divide evenly.
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  4. lol
    could i buy it all for 2k?
  5. I will gladly pay 3,000r for it all.
  6. Eek, I sense an auction in the products forum...
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  7. just making offers
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  8. iSMOOCH gets it. He sent me a PM. Access Chest on my res so pick up when you're able. :)
  9. how much?
  10. 5K
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