[Selling] Coal ore and Redstone ore

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  1. Just like the title says im looking for a place to sell my coal ore and redstone ore! I make my money supplying shops (middle man) and want to find a permanent place to offload these supplies! If you have a store that buys them message me!
  2. 1515 in two days
  3. You can sell almost every item at 9000, smp4!
  4. Too bad the chests are full :(
  5. if u cantch me when im on smp2 ill take them 3129-3386
  6. YEAH!!!! butters can I reserve ALLL your redstone ore! I will buy at 20r each
    2515 res!
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  7. sell to 2515 :D
  8. I sold 3 and a bit stacks to 2515, when i mine more today ill sell some more! Are you guys buying coal ore also?
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  9. We have enough coal ore....