[selling] CHEAPEST Netherhound eggs!

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  1. At 15061 on smp7 I am selling Netherhound spawn eggs for 5100r per, or 2 for 9500r!
    Netherhounds were only able to be eggified for about a week, and are now unobtainable! So buy while supplies last - 21 in stock! 2014-01-14_19.43.45.png
  2. You're so desperate to reach that one million aren't you. :p
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  3. Not desperate, determined ;)
    Jk very desperate
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  4. Can you reserve one for 2 hours? Ill pay 10k for one =]
    I cant get on yet
  5. Wow... I sold all mine for 200r each...
  6. Good job
  7. Bump, still a good amount left
  8. I shall be buying two
  9. Please save 1 for me. I'll pay 10k
  10. I am guessing that they are all gone..? :oops:
  11. yes all gone, thanks to everyone who bought some!
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  12. Whelp... so much for getting to buy any.. :(
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