[SELLING] cheapest diamond,coal,and iron! smp9

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  1. Hey guys! check out my prices below and give my store a visit!

    diamond: 18r a piece! cheapest on smp9!!
    iron: 4r a piece! cheapest iron on smp9!!
    coal: 1r a peice! cheapest coal on smp9!!
    redstone dust: 16 for 14r! cheapest on smp9!
    cobblestone: 32 for 5r!! very cheap!
    obsidian: 6r a peice! cheapest obsidian on smp9!

    you can do the research, but i already have!

    /v drdie39 located on smp9
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  2. Yes sir. Emptiest diamond chest in the realm.
  3. I want 2 stacks of diamond please!
  4. save all ur diamonds for me i will buy all of them for 20r
  5. sorry guys, but i restock every 30 minutes to an hour. so check back at 5 for diamonds
  6. ok here is shop scheduale:

    diamond and redstone will be avalible for purchase at ?:00
    coal, obsidian, and iron will be avalible for puchase at ?:30

    this will be in progress as of 6:00

    follow and like post please!
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  7. Can I make a order for delivery to another server? Im busy on SMP9
  8. :foreveralone:
  9. this doesn't benefit you very well.
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  10. true, but it makes yall happy!
  11. i sell obsidian for 5r a piece :) luckily for you im on smp1 lol, love your prices though
  12. thank you! Recently i am useing my earning to constuct a wall-mart! coming soon!!