[Selling] Cheap? Wither Skulls

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Would you like me to provide a wither killing service?

Yes of course. 7 vote(s) 50.0%
No thank you. 7 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. I have decided to start selling off some of my wither skulls :)
    These Skulls will be sold on SMP3 #7777

    The going rates are as follows:

    1x wither skull = £4,750
    3x Wither skull = £14,250

    If you would like to purchase in bulk:

    30x Wither skulls = £141,000

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  2. if I had the rupees atm I would soo be requesting some! you're the cheapest I've seen yet. But I just spent 'em all on road edits T_T (rushes to sell things off to get enough rupees now)
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  3. Bump! :D If it's better for people I can start killing withers for the stars and sell them instead :)
  4. Serves you right, ya jerk! That was exactly what you were gonna do to me! ;)
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  5. Dumpedy bump :) Let me know if the price is still too high!
  6. Buy my skulls >: )
  7. 12k for 3 skull I'll buy that 2 times if you are desperate lol.
  8. I must be blind.... I see 14k..... not 12k..... lol :p
  9. If you are desperate I said, because as you can see he asked if the prices are too high.
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  10. Well 4k a skull would just be ridiculous :p I've lowered it from 5,000 to 4,750 so far, even 5,000 is pretty cheap for skulls :)
  11. A man gotta try :p
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  12. Bump :) over a stack of skulls in stock :) PM me online or in game if you would like to purchase skulls.
  13. Bring Up My Post
  14. Bump :) So far the Poll is at a positive for me killing your withers for you :) Please PM me if you would like your withers killed :)
  15. Bump :) stack and a half in stock!
  16. Ok. Guessing by sales volume, the price is still too high. :) But good luck to you.