Selling Cheap Small Flower

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  1. Hello Emperians,
    Just wanted to see if anyone had interest in buying bulk amounts of flowers for a cheap price. I charge 10k per double chest, that is roughly 2.8r per flower! and I offer a selection of flowers on the list below:
    Flowers you can order:
    - Red Tulip's
    - White Tulip's
    - Orange Tulip's
    - Pink Tulip's
    - Azure Bluet's
    - Allium's
    - Poppy's
    - Oxeye Daisy's

    Currently I do not sell them in bulk at my Mega Mall at 707, so for right now you can either PM on the website, reply to the thread or find me in game and that will be great. If you would like to place a bigger order (more than a couple of double chest worth) then it might take more time but ill try to be quick!

    - Crabcakes200m