[SELLING] Cheap Silk Touch Books

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  1. Silk Touch books only 750r, make a post requesting how many you want and you can pick them up at 13393 on SMP6

    EDIT: There is no buy limit

    EDIT #2: i changed the pickup location
  2. bump! loads still in stock!
  3. many still in stock!
  4. Hay Spidey, can I get 10?
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  5. Can I get 3?
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  6. they will be ready for pickup after payment is received
  7. many more still for sale!
  8. Can I get 25?

    Will be on soon
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  9. i had exactley 25 in stock, you can pick up after i get the payment of 18,750r
  10. more silk touch books have come into stock
  11. Thanks spidey :)
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  12. You are AWESOME! thank you so much for the books! Enjoy the steak :)
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  13. ha ha thanks for the streak :)
  14. bump! many in stock now
  15. still loads in stock!
  16. guess what day it is?

    not bump day
    but it is FRI DAY!