[Selling] Cheap? Gold Vouchers

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  1. I have 5 gold vouchers for the first 5 people to reply for the low price of only 190k EACH.

    From my understanding, correct me if I am wrong, this is around 20-30k below FMV. Get em while you can :D

    Payment expected within 24 hours

    Voucher will be mailed.
  2. One for me!
  3. One for me please :D
  4. well that was fast, recieved payment for one and awaiting payment for the other but it has been promised. original post edited with expected payment time. only 3 left
  5. Bump for the late night gamers and early risers across the pond.
  6. Did you want the other 3 trucker? I'm going to ignore that other post as I hope it is deleted with some haste... ugh. Can you all ban him from the website too?
  7. I'll buy all 3. I can pay tomorrow. 570k for all?
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  8. Hey gawa, , I would like to buy one
  9. awaiting payment from trucker and zikko. all other vouchers have been paid for.
  10. All sold and paid for. Requesting close on thread
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.