[Selling] Cheap Glowstone and Slime balls! [Buying] Diamonds

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  1. Selling Glowstone and Slime balls!
    Both are being sold for 10r each! There's 20+ stacks in stock of each!

    Buying Diamonds for 42r each!

    Come to 18267 on SMP9 !
  2. darn it needed glowstone :(
  3. how much slime u have left?
  4. would you be able to hold back 15 stacks and me come buy them in say 1 -2 days? hopefully sooner?
  5. If you need a definition - i only have a few hundred rupees now - but i have an auction and almost another auction on my other account, someone just won the auction - and after they pay me for the auction - i'll have enough to buy them :D
  6. there ya go - bought all your slime ;)