[Selling] Cheap Fast Horses ---> 3888

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  1. Hey guys,

    I've been breeding a lot of horses lately and need some way to get rid of some of the decent ones without throwing them away. So I'm selling assorted horses at 3888 for the following prices:

    Assorted Horses speeds 110-120: 40 Rupees per
    Assorted Horses speeds 120-127: 70 Rupees per
    Assorted Horses speeds 128: 2,000 Rupees per

    Loads more variety in the near future. Please let me know if the prices aren't cheap enough to be considered extraordinarily cheap. :)
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  2. Cheap
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  3. Cheap
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  4. Cheap

    Just bought quite a few of them. :)
  5. Added 128 speed horses for 2,000 a pop, let me know if that's too much! :)
  6. Drat, went there today and didn't seem to see any of the 128 ones? Or didn't see a sign. Still happen to have any? I'd be interested in a couple =)
  7. Oop! Nevermind, my minecraft glitched signs on me ;) Found them lol!
  8. Bump! Still loads of cheap horses to buy! :D