[ SELLING ] Cheap Emerald for 26 R.

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services Archives' started by wisepsn, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Hey, I'm selling emeralds (26 r a piece) at /v 930 on smp1. You can also sell to the shop. I have about 5 stacks of it. Get it before it is SOOOOLD out! :p I will be ready for emerald armour lol.
  2. I might get some, do you do a bulk discount (for buying like one stack?)
  3. 1 for 26 r,
    for 98 r.
    I might make a discount, but I am banned for a few days until friday.
  4. Seems you are now out of stock :p
  5. Yeah, Crazy1800 Went crazy mode and bought em all lol
  6. Will you have anymore back in stock when you are unbanned?
  7. Yes, I actually do. I also have lots of people that LOVE to sell their emeralds to me for some odd reason.. I hope to put more in stock this friday!
  8. I will PM you when someone has sold lots of emeralds to me, ok?
  9. Okay thanks :) Nice store as well by the way ;)