[SELLING] CHEAP DC of Z Virus's & SC of Mob Heads

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  1. DC of Zombie Virus's - Price: 10k (negotiable)


    SC of Mob Heads (Creeper: 5, Zombie: 11, Skeleton: 11) - Price: 15k (negotiable)


    The prices are on the lower side - Zombie Virus: ~185r/each,
    Skele/Zombie/Creeper Heads: ~555r/each. The prices are negotiable, and I do have more stock of all of these items; if you are interested in buying smaller amounts (or more) of these items, just let me know. ALSO: I have 3 stacks of Shiny Arrows and 1 stack of Shiny Flesh in stock, too if anyone is interested in buy those at 100r/each Arrow or Flesh, let me know! :)
  2. how much would a SC of Zombie Potions be since i'm Diamond Supporter?
    And the arrows + Flesh?
  3. Sold and paid for 16 arrows and 16 flesh.
  4. Bump...these prices are probably some of the cheapest you'll find.
  5. Way too expensive for me, but still cheap for one virus.