Selling Cheap Blaze Rods!

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  1. Res Number: 16803

    Blaze Rod price: 4r (each)
    Availability: 20 Stacks
  2. I will take 20 blaze rods at the price of 4r each please.
    Private message me for my order details.:)
  3. How much would a stack cost? 256! I'm in! I want 2 stacks!
    Should I set up a chest on my res or just pay you?
  4. ill take 1 stack. tell me when and where to pick them up
  5. I want a stack please
  6. Alright Guys I have set up a chest at my shop selling blaze rods! Come quick and sorry I will not do reservations!
    Res: 16803
  7. I also want a stack please
  8. thanks i just bought 10stacks!
  9. how many do u have??
  10. I have 2 stacks and a bit left! Hurry!
  11. Hey Guys I have restocked! Amount avaliable 20 Stacks+
  12. No buyers? The price is extremely cheap!
  13. cheap blaze rods are everywhere, just sayin
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  14. Most of those are out of stock, and 4r each is the cheapest I've seen so far.
  15. my prices are only 1r higher at 7075 :D
  16. Please Dont Hijack.
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