Selling chainmail armor

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  1. Ever since the minecraft update we were able to breed and trade with villagers. when trading with villagers there are many things to buy and sell. One of those things is chainmail armor which was only attainable if you used a mod or hacked. Yet now that we are able to get it from villagers we cannot sell this type of item. I would like to know if being able to sell this is good or bad and to see if we can convince EMC to let us sell it.
  2. Chainmail armor has been in /shop since before 1.3.1 came out...
  3. EDIT: Oops i deleted what i said.
  4. I know. He said that you couldn't sell it though..
  5. Read meh edit
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  6. But I have tried to sell the chainmail armor myself and it doesn't work unless I am doing something wrong. I will check the item info
  7. Umm?
  8. You can't buy from your own shops, that's why. :)
  9. I know I can't buy my own items i'm saying it wont let me sell them.
  10. well I have bedrock as a test item on my shop and it lets me sell it just that i dont have any i think chainmail works too
  11. i can sell chaimail stuff
  12. How can you get bedrock?
  13. i cant i just created the shop sign its on my 1st res on smp 8 i dont sell any its just a test of what i can sell
  14. Hes a haxxor :p
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  15. i can also sell sponge and lava block
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  16. i dont have any bedrock i just created a shop sign
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  17. On some occasions the Admins will spawn bedrock, like for a dragon egg. An example of this is 1111 on smp1.
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  18. And Xandrows res.