[Selling] Certain items

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  1. X3 ghast heads 10k each------2 left
    X2 lucky bows 20k each
    x2 dragon stones 35k each
    plenty more soon just finding out prices!
  2. Can I sell you?
    Ghast heads are too easy for me to get :p
  3. now added dragon stones, get them while u can! pm me if you have another offer
  4. Dragon stones are now down to 35k lemme know below if you would like one. i can mail or deliver if you would like.
  5. i got 2 dcs of quartz flakes for sale right now get it while u can! 15k per dc
  6. I would like to take one DC :)
    /bought in-game, thanks again :)
  7. I am currently looking for an icc head for my item/head display just thought i would post it out there again. was gonna buy from someone in game but they never got back with me XD let me know if you can sell one!