Selling CD's at lot 6493! Smp3 Fairly Cheap!

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  1. I am selling many different kinds of CD's for 225R per! Just give me a visit and follow the blue wool, they're in the single chests on the wall!
  2. Changed the price of CD's! 200R Per! Just come to my lot to buy them from the chests still.
  3. Do You Have Disc 11? And How Much ( If You Have It) Would You Sell It For? I Also Think That 2oor Is A Lot Of Money For A Disc.
  4. I unfortunately do not have disc 11, and 200R for a 500R disc from the empire shop that has a 8% chance of appearing in a stronghold? i dont think thats too much to ask =)
  5. Well there is also another way that you can get them but it is kind of hard. If you want to know go to Google and type in Minecraft crafting guide and look under the minecraft wiki site and you should click on the tab Disc to find other ways to find music disc.
  6. Oh. Well either way, i dont think 200R is that much to ask for =P. its not like theyre a common item
  7. just go to a mob trap skelatons kill zombies and u get a but load of cds
  8. Are you just reselling the discs you bought off me?
  9. No im form smp1 and u get them wen a skelaton shoots zombies its easy cuz there all huddled up
  10. Ya I know, that's how I've gotten all mine. Your just selling at the same price as me, its my territory haha
  11. Yes He Knows The Secret
  12. I Have Found People Who Sells Them For 50% Less
  13. <---- Mwah ;)
  14. ??? :confused:
  15. i used to sell mine for 85r
  16. Do you sell music disc 11?
  17. I believe he means hes the one that sells them cheaper :p
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  18. Its easier to get discs By creeper plus skeletons. The creepers drop all kinds of Discs. If you know how to do it :p
  19. nope never had 1
  20. I think you can only get 11 by chest :p