Selling Cave Spider Spawner

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  1. I recently found a cave spider spawner on my way down to make a new strip mine. As I am not in need of one, I figured I would sell the location.
    It is on SMP4
    It is in an unexplored cave system(to my knowledge)
    It is a cave spider spawner
    The cost is 1000r
    I have not set up a trap so you will have to do that yourself
    Once someone buys it, I will send the coordinates via private message.
    Thanks! -lkirk98
  2. you are gonna get so many griefers, people will find you, and there is no point in selling, some one WILL destroy it soon.
  3. iwill buy!
  4. how do u know?
  5. Why did he just troll the thread? lol. Grinder hater.
  6. well, its not htat I hate grinders, i do enjoy them, but the person will eventually be griefed. It's better to mine it with a silk touch pik.
  7. I'll buy it for 2000
  8. Silk Touch does nothing special to spawners -- it just destroys the blocks
    <--- tried it herself just before the reset to be sure...
  9. I've seen it done 'n' stuffs.
  10. Btw, I feel like every1 is finding fault in me. It makes me feel bad.:(
  11. Well, it used to work, maybe, like ice, but it doesn't now. I wasn't finding fault, just trying to spare people disappointment if they try it :)
  12. ah, ok. Thats ok, I just been stressed lately.
  13. ok, sorry everyone I was not able to get on for awhile and sorry for that. Slyfox bought it. When I receive payment I will send the coordinates in a message. thanks!
  14. Plus, even if you could mine it, when they are destroyed they become completely useless (unless you like pigs) because all the mod generating code and stuffs associated with each grinder is removed when it is destroyed. If only we had something like Spawner GUI...
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