[Selling] castle's regular, or premium

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If you ordered a castle, did you like it, or not

Yes I like my castle 6 vote(s) 60.0%
No, it's a waste of res area 4 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. I am building castle's regular or premium, we will supply ourself
    regular: No mossy or cracked stone brick, just clean, old stone brick
    premium:Mossy and cracked stone bricks with vines
    requirments to turn your res into a castle:
    1. payment:4000 rupees for regular, 5000 rupees for premium
    2. clean residence: on the edges (8 blocks in)
    3.respect: for our workers, example; a worker misplaces a block, Don't scream or curse at him! To order one come to smp5 11387!

    BTW READ THIS- sorry but temp buisness shut down due to busieness order your castle by 10:00 est time

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  2. I want one :) how will the Premium look ?
  3. pretty good, that's what my res castle is
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  4. Ill take it if someone buys my armor
    or in 2 days
  5. I like the traditional castle design, looks really good!
  6. traditional, eh? ill see what I can re-design the regular to look like, ok?
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  7. I meant that it looks like a castle, and looks really good. Not in reference to the regular or premium types (thought I'm looking at the screenshot).
  8. well I already took the liberty to make it COMPLETLY different, more like a mansion.
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  9. Sounds interesting enough but I have no res to put it on.
  10. Im also looking for some people to hire, you could apply if you wanted to
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  11. ah sir, you are just who I have been looking for! Come, let us speak in private.. For we have important buisness to discuss!

    Also, would you mind it be in the air? I have made a platform the size of my residence at the old world height.. I might need to clear off a few things before you can start..
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  12. How do I apply. I may only work for a limited time but yeah, how do I apply?
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  14. Ill take it wait around 2 days should i pay up front or after its done (probalby up front but i would like it if after its done)
  15. How about half upfront, half after I build it
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  16. Im thinking of editing this thread soon
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  17. If you would: I would get more pictures so people know what they are buying. also if we can get different floorplans so it isn't the same cookie cutter plan.. That would be nice :)
  18. HaHa, Im creating more floorplans by the second!
  19. Ill accept the offer
  20. BTW im taking the regular castle