[SELLING/BUYING] Lots of Obsidian

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  1. Opened shop for Obsidian. Buy or sell @ 9272, smp4
    As of this post there is just over 5DCs in stock. Enjoy

    Sell to my shop for a great 27r per block
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  2. bumps
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  3. how much per block?
  4. thats for you to find out
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  5. Sell me obsidian bump
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  6. That's too cheap.
  7. until less than 2 months ago the going price for obsidian was less then 20r. Then I started selling mine at 35r and the rupees came rolling as nobody else had as much stock as i did. the higher prices are that malls have adapted to the market price increase that 1.8 update created.
  8. I would like to add, i spent just about 400k there, :p

    And it was more like 4 months ago haha.
  9. Geez that long already. wow, maybe i should just like inflate the price again then =P