[SELLING/BUYING] Halloween candies & Pumpkin heads!

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  1. Selling a DC of assorted Halloween candies.
    Buying Pumpkin heads.
    PM me offers on both :)
  2. Heads up ICC said not to sell or auction any of the Halloween stuff yet
  3. Not to auction. I asked bite, he said we're clear to sell :)
  4. A DC of STACKED candies or un-stacked?
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  5. How in the David Jones locker did you get a DC already, when the promo just came out today!
  6. Unstacked. I just took them out of my inventory and put them in the chest, because try begin to disappear when I try to stack them :p
  7. Witchcraft and a good farm.
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  8. Into Witchcraft and such i see.
  9. How much for the full DC? And pic so I can see the different candy?