[selling] Bunch o' Items

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  1. Pm me if you want any of this stuff with serious offers. It all has to go.

    1x DC of Quartz ORE
    2x DCs of Podzol
    2x DCs of Red Sand
    2x DCs of Packed Ice
    1x DC of snow block
    1x DC of Dark Oak logs
    1x DC of Coal Ore
    4x Haunted Heads
    1x Empire Firework 2013
    2x Turkey Slicers
    1x DC of Redstone Dust
    The Pink text does
    Also have 8 DCs of Hardened clay for sale
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  2. Someone has been a busy sam...
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  3. Saw the title, knew their would be bunch o' items. Was not disappointed.
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  4. Bump- Added 4 DCs of blue orchids, 2 DCs of allium, 3 DCs of azure bluets, 1 DC of poppys, 1 DC of dandelions.
  5. Another bump, these items need a good home and aren't getting it with me. Please save them!
  6. Ill buy the turkey slicers for 5k each, if you want too, PM me, thanks
  7. lol, how about no
  8. 6.5k Haunted Head?
    1.75k per DC of Harded Clay?
    DC of Coal Ore, 5.5k?
    DC of Podzol, 3.5k?
    DC of Packed Ice, 7k?
    DC of Quartz Ore, 11k?
    DC of Red Sand, 8k?
    Please Respond