[selling] Bunch o' Items v2

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  1. Read Title ^^
    Selling / Trading for Promos
    Pm me / Comment with offers yooo.
    2x DC of Podzol
    2x DC of Packed Ice
    2x DC of Red Sand
    1x DC of Stone
    1x DC Nether Brick ( blocks )
    1x DC of White Tulips
    1x DC of Orange Tulips
    1x DC of Allium ( magenta dye flowers )
    3x DCs of Blue Orchids ( light blue dye flowers )
    1x DC of Redstone Dust
    1x DC of Lapiz Lazuli
    8x Silk Touch books
    1x DC of Dandelions
    1x DC of Poppys
  2. What will you do for a new years firework 2013?
  3. Do you see anything you want? We can work something out.
  4. Just your other Butch o' Items, I posted a Lot, oh and also can I add DCs of all those flowers you have for 2.5k?
  5. How much for those items?
  6. I asked First :p
    Muhahaahhahaa... Your too late
  7. How bad do you really need them? I need them for a build.
  8. How much for lapis
  9. I need them SUPER Bad. I need them by 2 days from now for an Event