[Selling] [Bulk] Wood

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  1. I am taking orders for up to 15 stacks of Pine, Birch, and Oak logs

    Prices are:

    50r per stack, or 15 stacks for 750r

    I will have all orders ready as soon as possible, you can pick up the wood at 18391 on SMP9 :)

    No more orders are being taken.
  2. Smp?
  3. Sorry, I added the res number and SMP :)
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  4. I will take 15 stacks of each kind.
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  5. Ill take 15 stacks of each kind as well
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  6. Ill take 15 stacks of each kind :)
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  7. I'll take 15 stacks of pine, but can you deliver it to me on smp1 because I'm really far out in the wild on smp9.
  8. I'll take 15 stacks of each (3 types) so 45 stacks total :)
  9. I will take 50 stacks of each type, Plus I will pay a 5K bonus payment if you process my order first.
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  10. Your order is ready for pickup :)

    I will have two more orders ready tomorrow.
  11. It's 15 stacks max 50r for each stack to clarify
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  12. 15 stacks of each log type for me too, please. :)
  13. Your order is ready.

    Sure I'll deliver them to you when your order is ready.

    No more orders are being taken right now :)
  14. Does mine still count? :)
  15. Your order is ready :)

    Your order is ready too.

    Yes it does, I will have your order ready soon :)
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  16. I will set up a chest for on my smp1 res as soon as I get back from the wild.
  17. 15 stacks of each please.
  18. My chest is set up
  19. Just wodering when will my *COUGH*order we talked about in a PM*COUGH* be ready?
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