[Selling][Bulk] Wood Logs

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  1. Hello there I am selling oak logs for:
    1 Stack - 60r
    2 stacks - 120r
    3 stacks - 180r
    4 stacks - 240r
    5 stacks - 300r
    7 stacks - 360r
    6 stacks - 420r
    8 stacks - 480r
    9 stacks - 540r
    10 stacks - 600r
    11 stacks - 660r
    12 stacks - 720r

    Further On until 20.

    Max amount of stacks per order is 20 stacks.

    To do further on do this equation. If you cannot do the equation A.K.A you are a little kid just don't list the price in the form.
    Number of stacks of logs - X
    price of 1 stack of logs - 60
    discount - 1
    Cost - Y


    Please allow 0-3 days for your wood to be made. Come to 6929 to pick up your wood once I say your order is ready.
    Please leave a comment like this to order your wood.

    Username: Meow
    # of stacks: 10
    Price: 499r
    Type of Wood: Oak is the only type of wood availble currently
  2. i will buy all ur stacks of logs of any kind for 89r each stack.

    take em to smp2, v 3456. Yellow floor. sell ur heart away!
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  3. I'll buy as much as you have. Do you only have 12 stacks?

    EDIT: I'll take as much as you can sell me of each kind.
  4. No my hands got tired of typing the same thing over and over so I just made an equation. Although the max I will sell is 1,000,000 stacks.
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  5. Someone could make such a profit off this...
  6. what do you mean? Re-selling? Well if people wanted to re-sell my wood they would still have to buy from me.
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  7. I could buy a bunch of wood and then sell it for 85r a stack wicth is what most people buy for.
  8. Username: Curundu
    # of stacks: 10
    Price: 499r
    Type of Wood: Pine

    Username: Curundu
    # of stacks: 10
    Price: 499r
    Type of Wood: Jungle
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  9. Username: jmorris92
    # of stacks: 54
    Price: 2700
    Type of Wood: id like this of each of the 4
  10. Wow! You have 1 Million stacks of logs!?!

    Username: zbalda97
    # of stacks: 216
    Price: 10,800 or something like that
    Type of wood: 54 oak, 54 pine, 54 birch, 54 jungle
  11. And if this works out good I'm going to buy 216 more stacks XD
  12. well I sell a stack of logs at my store for 60r.
  13. What server are you on?
  14. Since you were first to post an order Your order is a priordity.
  15. Username: MissMadison910
    # of stacks: 24
    Price: 1198r
    Type of wood: 12 Stacks of pine, 12 stacks of jungle

    And this is logs, not planks?

  16. Username: Kells18
    # of stacks: 216
    Price: 10800r
    Type of Wood: All 4 Types of wood
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  17. sorry curently the only type is oak.
  18. Sorry curently the only type of wood is oak. I will update the thread if other types become availble.
    I am really sorry for any frustration this may cost you.
  19. New Update:
    From now on NEW orders cost 60r a stack.
  20. Please re-do your order