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  1. This thread will serve as a list of current stock that I hope to keep up to date as much as possible. If you are in-game and there are 2 signs above the chest, then the contents are for sale!

    Location: Utopia /v 5167

    Current Stock:
    3 DCs Stone (which I can turn into stone brick for you) currently up for auction!
    1 DC of Iron
    1 DC of Glass

    Pre-order is now available! Just PM me either here or on EMC with what you are looking to purchase.
  2. Bump! Current Projects: DCs of Quartz, Redstone, Sand, Glass
  3. i was wondering how much 16 stacks of sand would be
  4. I'd be interested in buying all of these, also a Dc of oak logs and white wool? Feel free to start a PM with me :)
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  5. will you be selling more items in the future, like dcs of stuff or are you sticking with the stock you have atm ??
  6. I'm out of town until tomorrow and I'll get back ya Kyzoy then :)

    BT, I also do custom orders. Just let me know what you need

  7. Currently only selling in sc or DC quantities.
  8. Feel free to private message me with anything. I should be able to reply but I know I'm going to be busy tonight. So if I don't reply today, I will as soon as I get back into town tomorrow afternoon
  9. can i buy the dc of quartz
    ill pay 20k
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  10. 54 stacks of Quartz Block is valued at around 70-80k :p
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  11. jeez you couldnt let me try and get a good deal
    come on man
    ill pay 30k now but no higher
  12. Ah, didnt mean to spoil it, but I have already ordered the quartz, and am paying more than double :p
  13. 1 DC of oak logs please if poss how much?