[SELLING] Bulk Purpur/Chorus

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  1. Hey guys!

    I am selling Chorus Plant products at /v +rise on smp5.
    Reply to the thread if I am out of stock, or you have a HUGE order.


    Purpur Blocks- SC:15k Stack:650r
    Chorus Fruit-SC:14k Stack: 625r
    Chorus Flower-Stack: 2.9k Dozen: 575r
  2. Well it didn't take nearly as long as I thought, I am now selling chorus flowers. I haven't seen many sold, so Ill start a little high in price(don't want to get cleared out for 1/3 what they are worth) and see what price works :)
  3. awesome I will be by :)
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  4. In my stupidity after setting up the shop signs I forgot to stock the shop. Sorry gladranger if you came by and thought I was out. There are 3 or so DCs in stock now.

    I have also lowered the price of the Purpur and the Flowers :)
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  5. Bump!
    12 stacks flowers in stock and a few DCs of purpur!