[Selling] Bulk Pistons

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I am selling bulk orders of Pistons! If anyone is interested in purchasing an order, please send me a message or post on this thread!

    1 stack: 1,340 (20.9 per piston)
    5 stacks: 6,500 (20.3 per piston)
    10 stacks: 12,750 (19.9 per piston)
    27 stacks: 33,750 (19.5 per piston)
    54 stacks: 65,000 (18.8 per piston)

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  2. Hey bushy, I would like to buy 5 stacks of pistons for 6,500r. Saves me the trouble of going all over the place to get these.
  3. Finished - Please make the purchase from the shop sign on plot 17159.

    Thank you for the business!
  4. Much Appricated! :D