[Selling] Bulk Glowstone

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  1. I am selling Glowstone for 800r a stack, about 12r each.
    If you are interested, tell me how many stacks you would like to buy
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  2. What is the maximum number of stacks?

    Can I take you on as a full time supplier?
  3. I would like to buy several stacks. Is there a min/max order size?
  4. Unfortunately I have been completely bought out of Glowstone. Sorry for the inconvenience
  5. Scratch that, I just got a new order in. I am able to sell 7 stacks a t 800r each. Please tell me how many you would like
  6. I'll take them all.
  7. I would like to make an order, but I think you are undervaluing your time, so I'd like to pay 850r/stack.
  8. I am hoping to get a new order in soon. I will post with the amount I have available to sell.
  9. I have 13 stacks of glowstone ,800r each. please message me with how much you want
  10. I would like 5 stacks at 800r. I will set up a chest.
  11. Messaged you.