[Selling] Bulk Emeralds, cheap

Discussion in 'Selling' started by JesusPower2, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. A lot of auctions for emerald blocks lately. Prices upwards of 12r per emerald. I've decided to check if there is interest in a bulk emerald service.

    Current rate: 20k per DC

    Post orders here and I will fill them as soon as I am able.
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  2. Is there a bulk discount?
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  3. 9 double chests please
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  4. Can we do the same deal we had the other week JP?
  5. What deal?
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  6. This *is* the bulk discount. But I will consider going lower on a second order after this one :)

    Sure, I'll put you in behind Kryarias.
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  7. Your order is ready for pickup at "/v 14266@auction". I converted the emeralds to blocks for easier transport. (So 1 DC of emerald blocks.)

    Total = 225k

    Thank you for your business!
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  8. I would like some, 9 DC of Emerald. Let me know when they are ready.
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  9. Sounds good! I will need a few days to fill the order but don't worry you are second in line.
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  10. Your order is ready for pickup on smp7 at "/v 14266@auction". Thanks!
  11. Thanks,was nice doing business with you, pick up and paid.
  12. Could I order 2 DC's please? :)
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  13. Ready for pickup at "/v 14266@auction". Thanks!
  14. Paid with thanks :)
  15. Could I order 9DCs of Emeralds? :)
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  16. I assume you liking my message means that you are able to fill this order? :p
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  17. In progress!
  18. Ready for pickup at "/v 14266@auction". Thanks for your business.
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