[SELLING] Bulk amounts of Paper

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  1. Special offer, 500 rupees a double chest for a limited time!

    Need Paper? You've come to the right place!
    I am selling large amounts of paper ready for whatever you need it for!

    Key information

    • 600 500 rupees a double chest.
    • FREE delivery for any size of order.
    • Fast delivery (When stock is available)
    • Made from the finest quality of free range Sugarcane
    To place an order you can either leave a message here or Private Message me (Joshposh70) or Dojodo (Please add us both to the conversation) and we will get back to you quickly

    Current stock: Approximately 100 double chests (More on the way very soon)
  2. Wouldn't happen to craft cane into paper for a price would you?
  3. how much are you paying per DC?
  4. Not sure, have about 40DC needing to be crafted what do you usually charge? :p
  5. Well we have never done this for anyone and dont have a price what would you pay for us to do it?
  6. 150r per DC? I believe the going rate for crafting is 100r a DC but I feel like it is a little more.
  7. sure we will do it when and where?
  8. res 3339 smp2

    Ill just give you both container and use perms, just hit the button and the chests in front of you are sugar cane. keep track of how many you craft because I have no idea how much of it I have used. I bought the stuff back when cane was like 600r a DC :p

    Perms will be given in about 5 minutes. :)

    Perms given, will pay once I know how many DC of cane you have to craft. xD
  9. A bump!
  10. I cleaned up this thread. Folks, if you don't like the prices, don't buy. If you really want to help someone you feel is selling at a price that's too high, send them a private message or something, but don't spam up the thread with negative posts, please.
  11. bump again
  12. we have soooo much paper anyone want to buy some?
  13. still got tons
  14. Special offer! 500 rupees a double chest, Limited time only! (This is also a bump)
  15. I'll buy 20 DC's please :3

    And can I have it delivered to 16516 on smp8?
  16. Okay, If you give 'Dojodo' the required access to 20 double chests on SMP8 he will deliver it over ASAP.