[SELLING] Bows (Power5,Unb3,Punch2,Flame1,Infinity1)

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  1. My plane ol' Power 5 / Unb 3 bows weren't moving so I've upped the anti ...
    Perfect bows, don't think you can enchant anything better, and they are priced to move at 7k r

    Building stock now, are these little gems going to go?

    I've dropped the prices of my enchanted books even further, stop by and pick some up if you haven't already!

    SMP4 /v gweeedz /v +ebooks
  2. Wow, these ones are really moving - thank you for your support!
    I will be stocking them and I can drop the price further to 6,500.
  3. You can get flame II as a rare drop from enraged skeletons but as well as your sales are moving I don't think it matters :p
  4. Good to know, I killed a pile of them but either didn't get a flame II or wasn't watching for it. I'll be paying closer attention now and add them to the uber bows once I get enough of those Flame II bad boys!

    Thanks Crafter31211!
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