[SELLING] Book of Color x2

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  1. Ark I will take one I guess...
  2. ok, pay me 15 or 16k and plus 50r for mail and i will send it.
  3. sent :D
  4. I still have one book of colors
  5. I'd like the second one!!!
  6. you do realize that this thread is 4 months old right?
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  7. Yup. I was trying to find my EMC Dream item so I typed Book of Colors in and found this!
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  8. no idea who would have one, maybe MoeMacZap, samsimx, FDNY21, ToddVinton or AlexChance.
  9. So you no longer have the second one?
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  10. i haven't had it since April :p
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  11. and the price is more now :p
  12. yup
  13. sadly yes, i am saving my promos now.
  14. :(. Oh well. One less seller :(