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  1. I have 3 DCs and 45 stacks of Bones I need to sell. Post your offers down below.
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  2. can i get 1 DC ????
  3. Mhm, how bout 4k?
  4. Also, please pick up the cactus
  5. lol thats right i forgot bout the cactus 4k sounds good
  6. I'd like 3DC for 12kR?
  7. Ok, I will set up chests when I get home tomarrow
  8. Nice, where will you put them up?
  9. 5276 is pickup
  10. Only 3 DCs left to sell!
  11. Chests set up at 5276 on the beacon pyramid
  12. Correction: I have 3 DCs and 46 Stacks of Bones left!
  13. ill take a stack is that alright?
  14. sure, would 75r work?