[selling] Blocks of diamond from the C in the Empire MineCast logo

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  1. Now that the MineCast is back (and Yukon1200 and I have begun slaving away, editing the first episode for upload), I'd like to take the time to announce something special:

    Many of you might remember the old MineCast intro, in which Yukon1200 builds a giant "Empire MineCast" out of gold, iron, and diamond blocks. We weren't rich back then, so we had to borrow most of our supplies for that giant logo. One letter, however, was not borrowed. All of the diamond blocks in the "C" in MineCast were mine.

    In celebration of the return of the Empire MineCast, I've decided to sell some of these blocks. Here's the information:

    Cost: 60,000r

    What's included: 1 named diamond block (see the picture below), 1 item frame, and 1 certificate of authenticity

    Other info:
    1. DO NOT PLACE THE BLOCK ANYWHERE (except the item frame)! IT WILL LOSE ITS NAME!
    2. I will rename de-named blocks for free, provided that you show me the certificate of authenticity.
    3. Don't lose the certificate of authenticity. Anyone can rename a diamond block to match mine, but each certificate will contain a very difficult to reproduce code proving that the block is an original.*
    4. There are a limited number of blocks being sold (8). If you don't manage to claim one, please do not PM me asking about whether I'll sell more. I won't, at least not for a very long time.
    How to buy: Because it is not possible to sell named items in stores (as far as I know), please PM me and let me know that you're interested in buying.
    Where to buy: For now, all the blocks are on smp1. If you'd like to purchase a block on a different server, I can move it to any server and rename it for a fee of 100r. Keep in mind that because books cannot go through the vault, the certificate of authenticity cannot currently be transferred once you've bought the block on a specific server (this will, of course, change once the vault is fixed to work with named items).

    (there are 26 total blocks, but I'm only selling 8)


    *If you are caught trying to reproduce a certificate of authenticity, it may be considered cheating and you will be dealt with appropriately by the moderators.
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  2. You are not buying the block, you are buying the History that the block has :)
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  3. Can you do that? Is it like the 30 minute temp ban you wanted for people going on the arena's at the staff olympics
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  4. I never said HOW they'd be dealt with, only that they would be dealt with. And as nfell mentioned, I cleared the tempban thing with Aikar before I mentioned it :)
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  5. Also, as two people have told me that they were considering buying and were scared off by the negative comments (not the price) in this thread, I'd ask that if you somehow feel that you need to tell me how wrong I am, you PM me rather than complaining in the thread (there's also the other option: If you don't like it, don't buy it!) :)
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  6. Scared off by negative comments on a thread? Hah, thats ridiculous.... If you really wanted to purchase something, be it your utmost desire, you wouldn't let some comments in a thread deter you from that. Seriously :rolleyes:
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  7. Right, sell me one!

    I'm not using my rupees anyways :D
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  8. <would buy if i had the money
  9. I have cleaned up this thread, please do not post unless you are interested in buying, or requesting information.
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