[SELLING]Blizz Ard's Nose and some other things.

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  1. Hello, I currently have one extra Blizz Ard's Nose so if anyone is interested in buying it, please PM me with an offer.
    I'll sell this to whoever gives me the highest offer by 1/9 0:00AM EMC time this Friday :)
    I expect around 120k and up based on the current offer.


    other things available:
    -Feast for a king/ 30000r each (3 left)
    -Cooked Turkey/ 1500r (13 left)
    -DC of stones/ 5000r

    you can just reply to this thread for the items listed above.

    thank you!

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  2. Hello, I shortened the offer accepting ending date to Friday from Sunday,
    also I reduced some pricing only for forum and added Canadian Flag for sale (removed)

    thank you and good night !
  3. you can buy them for 2r in the flag shop =P (both halves of the flag for 1r each)
  4. thank you for the advise! where is the flag shop? I just didn't know it exists and the worth of the flag so just asked an offer XD
  5. In the old spawn it was underneath where you you used to spawn once completing the tutorial, in the new spawn just go down the stairs (yet again) and there will be a portal leading to the flag shop, there are also the American flag and the german flag.
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  6. thank you! I'll look for it when I get in the game tonight! there are still a lot of things I don't know about EMC!
  7. last bump before I cut taking offers! I got higher offer than 12ok and I'm about to sell it to the one :D
    thank you for everyone opened this thread!