[SELLING] Blizz Ard Items [Closed]

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  1. I am currently selling a range of Blizz Ard items for 100k each

    I have available;

    Blizz Ard Arm [1]
    Blizz Ard Eye [1]
    Avalauncher [4]

    All are from 2015!
  2. Also selling 1 Momentus Helm - 80k
  3. I see you have no noses. Want to get a nose? I just want an eye for I.
  4. I do actually have a nose, just not selling it :p
  5. Still. Wanna trade?
    Edit - I think I knocked him out.
  6. No, but thanks!
  7. :( I wanna nose.
  8. I guess I could sell you one for 100k... :)
  9. I have 40K, but much more in promos.
  10. I'm looking for the rupees, but thanks for the offer :)
  11. How Much for the Arm and Eye?
  12. 100k each, so that would be 200k in total. I can do a deal and charge you 190k for both though!
  13. Could I get this thread closed please?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.