[ SELLING ] Blaze rods

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  1. hello everyone, I'm selling blaze rods at 1515 smp1 for 5R each, you can get them single or by the stack, be quick as they always run out

    instead of only being used for potions, blaze rods are used for smelting and are quite sufficient
    coal smelts 8 blocks
    blaze rods smelt 12 blocks

    so its half of what coal smelts added on each time
  2. EDIT: price dropped to 5r
  3. i would by alot but i have like 10 stacks on my res..
  4. :D,same here but i have about 4 dbchest at my res
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  5. ow :( nobody wants blaze rods, and i have 6 more chest to get rid of D:
  6. Robot I'll take like 15 stacks lol so 1 rod smelts 12 blocks so about 4 rods smelt a stack eg of glass
  7. ok theres 15 stacks in there i think, if not ill get more
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  8. In where??
  9. selling them at 1515 smp1