[Selling] Blaze Rods (Cheap!)

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  1. Everything sold :)
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  2. Bump. These are good for making cheap magma creams, or even using them for fuel in your furnaces :)
  3. How can u make magma cream with blazes?
  4. Turn the blaze rods into blaze powder.
    Mix with slimeballs
  5. ^ Exactly what he said :D
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  6. I never heard about that thnx!
  7. Bump. Only about 20-ish stacks left! Will restock when i get back :)
  8. Wow it's almost sold out. I didnt expect such a response in such a short time.. Anyway I just replenished stock, the chest is full again :)

    Le bump
  9. Bump. Refilled chest :)
  10. Bump. I feel like i'm talking to myself here because all my buyers dont post on this thread.. Hehe
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  11. Well, I replied to the thread so at least someone's reading it :)
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  12. Yup xD I guess so haha.

    On the side note, 17 stacks left! Bump.
  13. Starting to sell xp bottles at my res too. Going for 20r each (selling in stacks of 32)