[Selling] Blaze rod at bulk rate. 10 stacks

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  1. bulk rate of 10 ea.
    10 stacks x 64 blaze rod x 10r = 6,400r.

    If you would like a larger quantity, make me an offer.
  2. The funny thing is is I just sold 6 stacks with a stack of 15 for 6400...
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  3. *giggles*
  4. and I was glad to pay that price to someone I respect :)
  5. Ooh, Yay!

  6. I saw. I wanted to give a better bulk deal.
  7. Ty for selling to 1783 on smp1 :)
  8. =.=I sell them for 9r each, pm me if you want to buy !
  9. dont advertise in other peoples topics...

    have a little respect - not gonna come buy the last 9 stacks i need from someone like you -,-
  10. I'm sorry I just thought 10r is a bit expensive and I know that dubzy1 sell them for 5r each
  11. and now you advertised for someone else :/
  12. yeah, kink of a jerk move, thanks for looking out though PThagaard, and KingofKraft13. Is this what the forums are coming to? I have one guy coming in saying, I just sold less than that for more money, and then the next few posts of, that's too expensive, buy them here instead. Wow, lame.
    I sold them to a shop at 17r/ea, so no more sale.
    Also, I will just be sticking to selling at the shops to avoid this in the future, I didn't know it was this bad.
    The auction forums have been nothing but good so far though.
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