[Selling] Beacons

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  1. Beacons available for purchase at 6267, SMP3.
    Price : 15,000r per beacon, 4900 per wither skull
    If you have an order request, please message Tzgiles

    Beacons available for purchase at 6009, SMP3.
    Price : 15,000r per beacon
    Current stock : 10
    If needed, I am able to reserve an order

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  2. As soon as i get my 20k from my auction i will buy one :D
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  3. So sneaky.
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  4. Sneaky? o.o
  5. Or genius I should say.
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  6. Dat Profile Pic DOE! *Pew Pew*
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  7. Genius? I would like some explaining... ;)
  8. Tzgiles.
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  9. Tzgiles is a great friend of mine. He values his beacons at a lower price, I feel that they are worth a bit more :)
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  10. O-o Tzgiles? Never heard of that :p EDIT: Nvm Luckypat just told me :O
  11. Profit to be made, some buy even higher than that, good luck.
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  12. I think 15k is a great price so ill buy one as soon as i get the 20k
  13. Ohhh, I understand. I assume you think I am buying from him and re-selling? I can have Tzgiles clarify that I am not re-selling his beacons ;)
  14. I doubt you are but that would be a smart thing to do.
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  15. A lot of people are re-selling items. I wouldn't be surprised if these beacons are re-sold into the economy :)
  16. Price lowered. :)
  17. Thanks Luckypat <3

    If you have more, please let me know ;)
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  18. Do you still have some or dod that silly pascal man buy them all? ;-;
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  19. Beacon game still strong? Hmm... elite might return ;)
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  20. If I am out, please go and check out Tzgiles :)